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Automatic macro variable. Values of SYSINFO are described with the procedures that use it. You can use the value of SYSINFO as a condition for determining further action to take or parts of a SAS program to execute. For example, PROC COMPARE, which compares. Values of SYSINFO are described with the procedures that use it. You can use the value of SYSINFO as a condition for determining further action to take or parts of a SAS program to execute. For example, PROC COMPARE, which compares two data sets, uses SYSINFO to store a value that provides information about the result of the comparison. Introduction to Macro Variables. Macro variables are tools that enable you to dynamically modify the text in a SAS program through symbolic substitution. You can assign large or small amounts of text to macro variables, and after that, you can use that text by simply referencing the variable that contains it. 1 Paper 130-30 SAS® Macro Variables and Simple Macro Programs Steven First, Katie Ronk, Systems Seminar Consultants, Madison, WI ABSTRACT SAS macros can be a wonderful extension of the SAS.

This sample demonstrates how to use return codes from automatic macro variable &SYSINFO with PROC COMPARE for additional information about data sets that are found to be unequal. Because NAME1 and NAME2 are valid SAS names, the macro processor searches for those macro variables rather than for NAME, and the references pass into the DATA statement without resolution. In a macro variable reference, the word scanner recognizes that a macro variable name has ended when it encounters a character that is not used in a SAS name.

SAS procedures and data steps will reset the SYSINFO code, typically setting the value to zero. USING THE COMMON DATA SET TO CREATE A SUMMARY REPORT The last step of leveraging the SYSINFO code from PROC COMPARE is the one-time construction of a SAS program implemented as a stand-alone program or as a SAS macro. 45011 - Using return codes from automatic macro variable &SYSINFO with PROC COMPARE. In particular, the "Full Code" tab that shows how to do "bit testing" with the value of &SYSINFO. I believe that in order to get valid values from &SYSINFO, you must use the "bit testing" method described in the Tech Support note. cynthia. You can also look into &SYSDATE which is an automatic macro variable. Depending on how you're submitting a job, this may or may not be helpful.

Sysinfo would only contain a value other than 0 if something went wrong with the actual compare function such as missing one of the required elements or incorrect syntax. For personalized recommendations, sign in with your SAS profile. Discussion stats. 1 reply ‎08-25-2016 10:39 AM. Note: The names of the macro variables on the remote and local hosts must not contain a leading ampersand. The %SYSRPUT statement is useful for capturing the value of the automatic macro variable SYSINFO and passing that value to the local host. SYSINFO contains return-code information provided by some SAS procedures.

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